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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Goodbye Jamie Carragher

Today Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher announced his retirement at the end of the season. To put this into perspective, the year he made his debut was the year I was born! As a Liverpool fan myself the news does make me sad, but I also think it is a chance to move onto a new generation of Liverpool centre backs to take over the role.
Firstly there is the partnership of Skrtel and Agger. I really like both of these guys and think they are a great partnership. For whatever reason (only he knows) Brendan Rodgers has not been playing this partnership I'm recent weeks, but instead going for Agger and Carragher. It's slightly worrying to me that someone who is retiring at the end of the season is being picked ahead of Skrtel. I think that he should just be in the squad to help teach the young players, and called up as a back up if needed.
As for another Liverpool CB Sebastian Coates, I'm not particularly impressed. He was awful against Oldham, and I haven't seen him play where I've thought "wow this guy's got potential." But who knows, with a loan move or a run in the team he might have a sudden rise in quality. But I doubt it.
Then finally there's Andre Wisdom. Despite being played at Full back recently his preferred position is CB, and like so many of the youngsters Rodgers is using this season he seems to have real potential. However it is only until we see him at CB that we can judge whether he is the next Jamie Carragher.

Congratulations on a great career Jamie,came I'm sure we'll see you in a coaching role before too long!

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